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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Decorating Ideas with Luxury Bedding

      For most people their bedrooms are where they go to relax and that is a pure representation of who they are.  Many individuals find that by using luxury bedding sets they can better express themselves in the design and decor of their bedrooms. 
Luxury Bedding
      If you are looking to purchase new bedding sets a great place to start is thinking about the general design of your bedroom and what you already have in your bedroom.  A great way to use luxury bedding sets to make your bed the focal point of the room is to find the bedding sets that are either vibrant colors or have great high end designs on them.  Depending on the color of your bedroom walls you can find some pretty great luxury bedding sets that have fantastic designs that will make your room really pop.  If you have a solid colored wall that is a neutral tone you can easily find bedding sets that have colors and designs that can enhance the way that your room looks.
       For example if the color of your bedroom walls are a grey tone or perhaps you have blue toned walls with a grey headboard, you can go with bright vibrant high end luxury bedding sets that will offset the darker neutral tones of the room.  Going with bedding sets that have bold colors like greens, pinks, and oranges, will work wonderfully with grey and blue tones that are slightly darker and will make the room pop.
      Another great way to decorate your bedroom with luxury bedroom sets is to go with layered patterned bedding sets.  This gives you a beautiful layered look that also gives you textures that often contradict each other but look amazing.  You can easily create layers with different patterned sheets and high end quilts.  The combination of textures, designs, and colors will bring a depth to your bedroom that will make you never want to leave the room!
      If you are looking for something that is simple but still high end luxury bedding sets than purchasing a 100 percent down comforter with high tread count bedding.  This bedding set combination will look fantastic and feel even better.  You can easily find a solid color comforter that will look and feel expensive and can take your room to a whole new level.  By pairing a solid color comforter like a white comforter with a dark wood or dark headboard it will simply make the bed the focal point of the whole room.
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