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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dress up your room with sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are used for letting in the bright rays of the sun while getting a bit of privacy too! These sheer panels can be combined with velvet curtains or such other patterned drapes on your windows in order to provide you more privacy. As per your requirements, you may opt for plain neutral hues or printed or textured ones to allow for patterned window treatments.

Using sheers
In case you want relief from intense sunlight, then you can install white sheers right behind your velvet, cotton or even linen draperies. This way you can have control over when your room will be exposed to the sun and the amount of light that will be let into the room. Once you have linen curtains in front of sheer curtains, it provides for a rustic appeal as it gives much more depth to your window decor.
Choose your style

You can bring the countryside into your room with sheer curtains that have trees and leaves printed on them. There is the appearance of trees in the fall season. Just that there are hardly any leaves here. There is pollen flying around on the top while the bottom part has a number of leafless trees. Here both the sheer as well as draperies are having the same print. So whether you pull the curtains or not, the design remains the same. So while white sheer curtains provide some amount of privacy, they still provide the same look to the room as the thick white cotton curtains.

Elegant Solid White Custom Sheer Curtain

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