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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Why A Cool Hoodie Or Shirt Needs To Be In Your Closet!

A cool hoodie or shirt should be a staple in every man’s closet as they are a great way to give your outfit ensemble a casual feel and they are comfortable as well. Depending on how you dress them they can give you a look that is both classical and unique. A cool graphic hoodie can get you easily noticed and wearing one can also tell people something small about yourself in the process.

Lion King Pattern 3D Painted Hoodie

Coolhoodies and shirts for men can be dressed up in a way that can still make you look stylishly and effortlessly cool. One way to dress that cool hoodie in your closet up would be to incorporate it into your outfit in a layered aspect or even on its own. Pick a hoodie –whether it is graphic or just plain colored- that is slim and fits you well. Go for a hoodie with an almost jacket-like shape with shoulders have been cut to form a silhouette that is neat plus the hood compartment should be double layered to ensure it maintains its shape.
Tiger Face Pattern 3D Painted Hoodie

If you are looking to dress your hoodie up, then opt for plain colors such as gray, white and of course black for a monochromatic look. Pair your hoodie with denim and brogues or clean cut sneakers to match the hoodie’s quirkiness.
Long Sleeve Dark Blue Galaxy Pattern Pocket 3D Painted Hoodie

As for that cool shirt, coming up with a mature and stylish look can be a bit tasking but not impossible. Try dressing it up with cropped pants and luxe sneakers but the most important thing to remember would be to tuck the shirt in for a look that is clean-cut.
Pocket 3D Painted Hoodie

                Starry Sky Pattern 3D Painted Hoodie Dress
Layer up your shirt with a blazer for a casual but edgy look; however, the shirt should do the talking for your outfit as you keep everything else simple so you don’t end up looking too over the top. The bottom half of your outfit should have a clean line with tailored sweats then drape a shirt over your tee and finish it off with a pair of sneakers and you’ll be good to go. Go minimalist as well with a pair of jeans, a graphic shirt and boots for a badass look or dark sneakers just make sure everything fits you well.
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