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Friday, December 29, 2017

A Story & Pillow

An old woman had a cat. The cat was very old; she could not run quickly, and she could not bite, because she was so old. One day the old cat saw a mouse; she jumped and caught the mouse. But she could not bite it; so the mouse got out of her mouth and ran away, because the cat could not bite it.
Then the old woman became very angry because the cat had not killed the mouse. She began to hit the cat. The cat said, "Do not hit your old servant. I have worked for you for many years, and I would work for you still, but I am too old. Do not be unkind to the old, but remember what good work the old did when they were young."

Human nature is always greedy. Get used to it, they forget Thanksgiving. Not forgetting to include plants, animals and whole of creation. Love the animals around you, they are our friend. By the way, if you like the cat pillow from Beddinginn, go shopping on Beddinginn, it will give you more surprise and warm.
There are other fashion style, as following:

Vividly blooming flowers represent the vitality and also bring your life the fresh nature. Add more fresh air to your room, also grace the room with popular elements. They can be used as cushion, pillow with some fillings. They're reversible for additional style and versatility. Beddinginn is waitting for you!

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