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Monday, January 29, 2018

Which Kind of Girl will Beat Your Heart?

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There is a proverb in China that weak water three thousand only take Duncan. Now many people choose to being single in our socity. So what is the reason then? I try to find the reason under the phenomenon is that the multi-cutural is full of our lives and our minds. Humans have moved away from the hungry and more meterials of lives. And the physiological needs are also less necessary. Important for us is that how to success and how to attract others’ attention and how we become the focus! Many times, the question of which kind of girl will beat your heart is not important for us. Pursuing the fame and money is more excited for us than finding a goodness girl hardly.
So when we are old enough, we find a girl who we can live with. It is because we can live with. If it is true, what the love is it really? I want to said that in the word we must to understand what the love is for us. Miss the love when you are young just in that you are pursuing the fame and money which are a coat of our lives, but the love is the heart we live in the world. The Valentine Day is coming, remeber to give a red rose to your girl who beat your heart!
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