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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Trip of Summer

I like to travel very much , espessially in the summer . I always dream to be independent and travel by my own The baech is a place that is my most favorite . 

The water was so blue under the sunshine. It was so fun to swim in the water. In the morning, I woke up early and took a walk along the beach, and I could hear the sea water’s coming voice. I saw a lot of people traveled here and took pictures. In the evening, when the sun was down, we played the games and sometimes we swam. It was such a good memory for me .
  On the road , it is necessary for me with a luggage covers which comfort me with cool and personality style .

Different Flowers Washable Waterproof Travel Zipper Nylon 3D Luggage Cover

Thickness cover can protect your luggage against scratch, dust;Unique design makes your suitcase instantly recognizable. Superior sublimation quality and digital print makes the pattern more vivid and the color brighter.
It is so durable,washable,stretch fabric,Easy to fit and remove . The luggage covers is double-stitched all over, full of stretch and high elasticity, ensure your suitcase stays shut during the trip. Its style of fashionable & practical designs,zipper closure type is the biggest bright spot now.

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