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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Hundred Thousand Cold Jokes & The Imaginative of Door Murals

Today I will talk about a Chinese cartoon . Before I start, I want to show some points which I think this kind of Chinese cartoons and even small movies are all used . The first one is the exaggeratively humor , which our low-cost and low-technology cartoon used to catch viewer . The second one is sharply satirizing , where the author show their opinions . The last but not the least , no regulate allows the authors show whatever they want to show and ignore the economic or the political problems .
In the story , the movie version continues the online imagination of the rich rhythm : heaven and earth , through time and space , all are mad and so on . Destroy the world, fight the devil , save the earth , change fate ... These traditional superhero plots have a new sense of joy in the playful treatment of a networked sense of humor , which is exactly what the Internet generation is capable of making fun of and making fun of . And especially to his credit , the plot of fragmented than online , jokes together , the film version on the basis of the powerful and unconstrained style actually tells the story of a rather neat and perfect typed the story , its creation attitude and narrative skills far more than this year New Year file hype is tiger , you don't know how to speak and let the audience in the punchline pleasure at the same time , can also surprise windfall to plot .

Now let me show you a very imaginative picture in Beddinginn ----3D Door Murals :

 Lavender Field and Parachute

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